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CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric made of stranded copper wire is a semi-finished product for manufacturing of electrical panel heaters, e.g. in tools for the production of fibre-reinforced composites, with an extremely homogenous, water-quench like distribution of heat and unbeatable economic efficiency. Its implementation is not only limited to thermosetting resins as matrix but also used with elastomers like silicone or thermoplastics like polyethylene. If demanded CoTexx GmbH consults you on usage and application incl. process and control technology and provides the appropriate process control units and software. CoTexx GmbH was founded for the implementation of industrial research and development of high-tech products and processes, which use the natural biocidal and antiseptic effects of non-ferrous and precious metals. To produce the developed products at marketable prices, a production line for knitted technical textiles was set up which is now open to other industrial sectors.

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