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Since 1990, DMM located in Oyonnax in the Rhône-Alpes Region (between Lyon and Geneva), have developed and become established as a primary specialist in the design, production and distribution of moulds for the transformation of plastics and composites.
- Production of moulds up to a weight of 50T and 5 metres in length.
- Levelling of moulds of all origins and from all technological processes.
- Machining of large moulds for the mechanical industry.
- Injection or compression of thermosets composites: SMC, BMC, RIM, RTM.
- Injection or compression of thermoplastics: mono, bi-component, stack moulds, LFT.
- Blowing extrusion of thermoplastics: automobile applications, large dimension technical parts.
- Associated services:
Levelling out of moulds from all origins.
Analysis and expert understanding of your requirements on your production site.
On site intervention.
Maintenance, repair.
Optimisation by modelling.

Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Composite Part Manufacturing
Producer of Testing equipment
Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
Parc Industriel la Praire
01116 Oyonnax
Phone number: 
+33 (0)4 74 77 45 48
+33 (0)4 74 77 96 36