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Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Saint-Etienne (ENISE)

In Saint-Etienne, more than 4,000 engineers and doctors have been trained by the ENISE. By their professional activity, they participate in the economic development of our country. They perform mainly in France, but they are also found in many countries worldwide on every continent. Very often they lead teams or companies in the field of transport, energy, health, but also in the Buildings and Public Works. The two majors offered by the ENISE, mechanical engineering and civil engineering, are now widely recognized in the business community, as evidenced by the 350 partnerships established in France and over 18 other countries.

In addition to the main premises located at 58 Jean Parot str., the ENISE launched, in the 2000s, a second site where its technological platform was set up allowing the ENSE experiencing significant development of its contracting activities.

Today, the ENISE is a member of the Research and Higher Education Center “University of Lyon” fully integrated into its territory where it offers a wide array of internationally recognized training and research activities.

Main Activity: 
Academia & Training
58, rue Jean Parot
42023 Saint-Etienne cedex 2