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Fibacore is a metal matrix composite with the fibre in the form of a true-3D woven ‘preform’. The material provides exceptional, tailorable mechanical properties in lightweight cast components at an attractive price, offering weight reduction and performance improvement for a whole range of engineering components across a multitude of industrial sectors. Aluminium Fibacore utilises an aluminium matrix with an alumina preform. It brings together two innovative technologies – 3D weaving and fast cycle casting – to reduce component cost. Fibre, woven in a unique process that produces a true 3D structure, is infiltrated with molten aluminium using a patented process. By varying the weave design and fibre concentrations in the X, Y and Z directions, specific mechanical properties can be generated to match the requirements of the component design. The preform can be in sheet form, or a complex shape such as a T or I-beam to further enhance the strength and stiffness of the final component.

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