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FRP Services & Company is a world renowned specialist in all varieties of reinforced plastics and chemical products.

Maximizing on 40 years experience in reinforced plastics, they have over the years developed global information and product distribution networks that span over 80 countries.

Capitalizing on all their resources as a global specialist, they maintain huge business volumes that enable them to provide you with high-quality products at the most competitive prices. They at FRP Services are committed to selecting the best possible products for your application and they challenge theirselves to give you the best value for your investment.

FRP Services Europe was established in 1993,a subsidiary of FRP Services & Company, Japan, with the vision of being your link to superior products from leading manufacturers from Japan and around the globe.

 Their knowledge of product sourcing as well as their ability to resolve complex international transactions makes FRP Europe your best partner for all your FRP needs, especially for glass fiber supply.

A permanent warehouse in France, supported by a global logistics network boasting of 5 more strategically located warehouses, enables FRP Services Europe to guarantee prompt and reliable delivery and service anywhere in the EEC.

FRP’s long term commitment to the European market has been their unique concern over the years, and is the key to our success.

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