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JEC is the largest composites industry organization in Europe and in the world with a network of 250,000 professionals. JEC represents, promotes and expands composites markets by providing global or local networking and information services. Through knowledge and  networking, the JEC experts offer a comprehensive service package:

  • JEC Composites Magazine

JEC World 2018 - JCM N°119
8 times a year, discover the news along with our analyses and commentaries.
The magazine has won 2 prestigious Tabbie Awards from the US Association TABPI (Trade Association Business Publications International) and is certified by the BPA (Business Publications Audit of circulations).

BPA statement
46,909 Total Average Qualified Circulation
29,033 Print circulation
17,876 Electronic circulation


  • JEC Composites Website


The JEC Web Hub is the most popular platform for composites professionals: it generates important traffic with more than 1.5 million pagesviewed and 420,000 hits per year, is a crossroads for the world of composites.

BPA statement
42,793 unique visitors per month
Up to +70,000 unique visitors during JEC World
+191,354 average page views per month




  • JEC Composites Eletters

World Market NewsThe newsletters provide our reader with a complete weekly coverage of composites news in every sector of the composites industry. This is the place to be to contact directly all actors involved in the composite field of activities.

International Eletters statement:
Reach +24,500 readers each week
Compilation of latest international news and trends
4 issues per month
A dedicated feature each month
Up-to-date agenda
Edit in English

French Eletters statement:
Reach +9,600 readers each two week
Compilation of latest international news and trends
2 issues per month
Up-to-date agenda
Edit in French





  • The JEC Innovation Awards program (Europe, Asia, America, India and China)
  • The JEC Composites Conferences, Forums and Workshops in Paris, in Asia and USA
  • The JEC publications: strategic studies & technical books          

  • The JEC Composites Show: JEC World, JEC Asia, JEC Americas

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