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Lucintel, a global management consulting and market research firm creates winning strategy for growth.

Lucintel team of trusted industry experts for materials and manufacturing industries have executed over hundreds of consulting projects for clients, ranging from small up to multinational companies such as 3M, Audi, BASF, Cytec, DSM, Eastman, GE, Huntsman, Hexion and Sumitomo. The company offers a suite of consulting services such as strategic growth consulting, market entry strategy, M&A, due diligence, capital investment analysis, opportunity screening, and target screening.

For more than 15 years, its industry knowledge and expertise has helped their clients develop winning strategies and realize competitive advantages.

Main Activity: 
Service Providers - Composite Industry & General
50 – 99
AbacaGlycolsAramidOther Thermoplastic ResinPolyurethaneOther Thermosetting ResinMaleic AcidOther Textile ProductECR-glassBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Other EquipmentRayon-basedSisal / agaveStyreneVocational Training / Teaching / Academic2,5D - 3D - 5D FabricHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedBambooMilled FibrePreformUD - UnidirectionnelPET - Polyethylene TerephthalatePES - Polyether SulfoneThermosetting ResinsTechnical CenterRamiePC - PolycarbonateAluminium HoneycombOther FiberPSU - PolysulfonePA - PolyamideCarbonPOM - polyoxymethylenePEI - PolyetherimineNettleNatural fibrePublic AdministrationE-glassCoir / coconutPE - PolyethylenePitch-basedThermoplastic ResinsMethyl MethacrylatePolyimideMeta-aramidHempRovingComposite repair facilityGlassNCF - Non Crimp Fabric & MultiaxialPolyesterNomex HoneycombTapeOther Natural FibreHigh Strength PolyethylenePP - PolypropyleneOverlay matYarnResearch & DevelopmentVinyl TolueneIsophtalic AcidFabricPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalateS-glassKenafUnions, Trade OrganizationJutePEEK - PolyetheretherketoneFoamEpoxydeBasaltFibresBalsaPrototypingWoodPress - Magazines - WebCertifications, TestingChamber of Commerce, EmbassyQuartzColloquium, Trade fair organizersPara-aramidConsultants / ExpertsIndustrial designOther Core MaterialCorkKapokNon WovensVeil, Mat or UnwovenOrganic peroxydesServicesPhthalic AnhydridePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideBisphenolDicyclopentadieneChlorendic AcidOrthophthalic AcidChopped StrandVinylesterTetrabromophthalic AcidCore MaterialsGeotextilChemicalsOther chemicalFlaxTextile & TowsPUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethaneMethacrylic AcidOther carbon FiberBoron free E-glassAcrylic AcidEngineeringPPS - Polyphenylene SulphideAcrylicPAN-based large tow / industrialPhenolicPAN-based high modulusBraidFumaric AcidPPO - Poly Phenylene OxideCottonD-glassOther ActivityOther glass fibreBio-based Thermosetting ResinCuraua / Pineapple TreeRecyclingPAN-based high strengthPaper
222 Las Colinas Blvd West, Suite 1650, Irving, TX 75039, USA
Irving, TX 75039
United States
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