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Maucotools SRL is the manufacturer of C40 Dual System Portable line boring machines, innovative because of the new Dual System patented process. With the portable line boring machines is possible to accomplish a great deal of works, such as boring, overlay welding, flange facing, drilling, milling, threading. Three are the available models: STD250, STD250 PLUS, STD400 and STD600 (for covering a diameter range from 22 mm up to 600 mm with the standard equipment). It is also available a series of extra kits to increase the power and versatility.

Main Activity: 
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
AbacaGlycolsAramidOther Thermoplastic ResinPolyurethaneOther Thermosetting ResinMicrobeads and macrobeadsMaleic AcidOther Textile ProductECR-glassBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Calcium carbonatePlateSandwich PanelsAdditives, ModifiersAntifloating agentOther EquipmentThermoplastic semi productsOther additiveCMC - CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITERayon-basedSisal / agaveOther fillerStyrenePolymerisation inhibitorenInitiators2,5D - 3D - 5D FabricHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedBambooMilled FibrePreformUD - UnidirectionnelPET - Polyethylene TerephthalateCorrosion resistant additiveThermosetting semi productsNano-reinforcementsPES - Polyether SulfoneThermosetting ResinsRamieOther Thermoplastic Semi-ProductsHeat stabilizerPC - PolycarbonateFoaming agentAluminium HoneycombOther FiberPSU - PolysulfonePA - PolyamideCarbonMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationPOM - polyoxymethylenePEI - PolyetherimineSizing agentsGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticNettlePlasticizerNatural fibreAntioxydantE-glassCoir / coconutOther sizing & fiber treatmentPE - PolyethyleneMicaSMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundPitch-basedThermoplastic ResinsLong Fibre PelletCommingled Glass and Thermoplastic Filaments FabricRaw MaterialsMethyl MethacrylatePolyimideMeta-aramidFillersNanocompositesAcceleratorHempRovingMechanical CuttingGlassNCF - Non Crimp Fabric & MultiaxialPolyesterShort Fibre PelletNomex HoneycombGelcoatTapeNatural fiber treatmentOther Natural FibreMethacrylateHigh Strength PolyethylenePP - PolypropyleneOverlay matCatalystYarnSolvantWPC - Wood fiber Plastic CompositeVinyl TolueneIsophtalic AcidFabricPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalateS-glassKenafPrepregJuteLubricantsHardenersCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundPEEK - PolyetheretherketoneTalcFoamWetting agentsEpoxydeBasaltViscosity controlVarnishFibresSurfactantsBalsaWoodCeramicsOther Nano-ReinforcementUV - stabilizerQuartzPara-aramidSizing & fiber treatmentDyestuff and pigmentOther Core MaterialAluminasCorkKapokNon WovensCNT - Carbon NanotubesVeil, Mat or UnwovenOrganic peroxydesOther AdhesivePhthalic AnhydridePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideBisphenolDicyclopentadieneChlorendic AcidOrthophthalic AcidChopped StrandTRE PlateVinylesterGelcoats & CoatingsTetrabromophthalic AcidMMC - METAL MATRIX COMPOSITEBindersCore MaterialsGeotextilBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundChemicalsOther chemicalAntistaticFlaxTextile & TowsOther thermosetting semi-productsThermoplastic TapesPUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethaneMethacrylic AcidOther carbon FiberBoron free E-glassAcrylic AcidPPS - Polyphenylene SulphideAcrylicGlues, Putties, AdhesivesRelease agent (in situ)PAN-based large tow / industrialLow Shrink / Low profileBubble and anti-foam breaking agentPhenolicPAN-based high modulusBraidPaintFumaric AcidIntermediate ProductsPPO - Poly Phenylene OxideCottonD-glassHybrid structuresOther glass fibreFire retardantClaysBio-based Thermosetting ResinCuraua / Pineapple TreePAN-based high strengthPaperSilica
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