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Michelman is an industry leader in the area of emulsification and polymer dispersion technologies and fiber-polymer interface adhesion. Their sizing formulation expertise and knowledge of end-use applications provide fiberglass and other reinforcing fiber manufacturers a versatile line of fiber sizing, film formers, binders, lubricants, and surface modifiers that produce stronger, lighter, and more durable composites. Their chemistries help prevent fiber breakage during forming, processing and post processing and are specifically designed to optimize properties of composites made with various resins or plastics. They manufacture in North America, Europe and Asia, with worldwide distribution. Whether you are manufacturing glass, carbon, basalt, aramid, or other specialty fibers, Michelman’s extensive network and history of collaboration throughout the value chain allow them to anticipate and develop solutions for your future needs.


Hydrosize® Carbon 280 - Polyamide Dispersion for Carbon Fiber

Michelman’s new Hydrosize® Carbon family
As part of Michelman’s new Hydrosize® Carbon family of sizing solutions, this unique polyamide polymer dispersion offers improved thermal resistance over standard polyurethane dispersions. It improves properties for carbon fiber polyamide composites.
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Hydrosize® Carbon 410 - Polyimide Dispersion for High Temperature Thermoplastics

Hydrosize® HP1632 Polyimide Dispersion for High Temperature Thermoplastics
This polyimide-based sizing can withstand the extreme processing temperatures that many high-temperature thermoplastics require. Targeted materials include PEEK, PPS, PEI, and others. It offers excellent thermal stability, mechanical properties, and low creep and has been proven to work with carbon fiber.
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