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MIHB provides a complete offer to make your project a success, from moulding industrial engineering to mineral composite Dragonskal. From co-design to logistics solutions, MIHB partners with you during all production stages. This full line service allows you to increment your project by collaboration between their departments and to optimize the control and monitoring of your production with consistency, efficiency and transparency. The full line is: co-design, CAD, rheology, tool design, metrology, production and logistics. This collaboration provides you significant added value in terms of quality and productivity in your projects. Their innovation strategy led them to a composite material (in addition to their moulding technologies) with the development of Dragonskal, characterized by its fire resistance, mechanical strength, its possible industrialization in 2D and 3D and with cosmetic qualities. MIHB since 1968, 160 people, 28 m€ turnover.

215 Voie Romaine - Pi de Nerciat
01100 Groissiat
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