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Mikrosam owns and guarantees the richest composite equipment portfolio on the market, integrating double carriage (wet and dry) filament winding, high-volume automated production of composite pressure vessels (CPVs), fully controlled impregnating equipment, prepreg slitting, composite machining, and most advanced fiber placement and tape laying machines, supported by control systems and software solutions featuring continuous inspection and upkeep of the entire production process. 

With laboratory to grandiose machines in range, Mikrosam conquers world markets where delicate applications, full automation, and control are the initial pattern of the custom made state-of-the-art equipment it offers. For those questioning the endless possibilities of composites and the implementation of related business ideas. Mikrosam offers laboratory analysis, prototyping, testing, product design, technology development, and expert consulting.

Automated Tape Laying - ATL
Mikrosam’s revolutionary ATL equipment and software more than two decades have been base core technology for production of composite structures for the aviation, space industry and wind energy industries. ATL head can be integrated on different machine structures – gantry, column or multi-axis articulating robot.

Complex composite structures that have been built manually (hand lay-up), today are automatically produced using ATL technologies, resulting in:

  • Higher throughput (10-40kg/h)
  • Improved composite structure quality through better compaction
  • Reduced scrap material
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Low operator skill level requirements
  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • Accuracy and repeatability of the production process
  • Comprehensive software solutions which allow complex shapes to be programmed quickly
  • Continuous improvement in the state of the art

Mikrosam combines its inter-disciplinary expertise in composites and advanced machine production to help you:

  • Choose the right process
  • Define the most appropriate machine construction
  • Incorporate the most advanced equipment and offline programming software in one customized turnkey solution
  • Fully exploit your creative composite design capabilities and step-up to a higher level of composite production within a limited budget (solutions affordable to small, medium-scale producers and research institutes)
  • Decide between systems that handle various different part sizes and shapes and “part-specific” systems for serial production for limited part sizes and shapes

Automated Line for Type IV CPVs
Mikrosam offers automated production lines for LPG, CNG, hydrogen and other types of high pressure vessels. Depending on the required yearly capacity output and dimensions of the cylinders, they can design automated production lines starting from 30,000 pieces and up to 1,000,000 pieces per year. 

Their standard offer includes:

  • Liner loading stations
  • Automatic handling of the liners between the liner loading station filament winding machine and the curing oven
  • Filament winding machine with very fast winding times
  • State of the art automatic cut & restart system for the fibers (patent pending)
  • Quick-clean resin bath with automatic resin mixing system
  • Fiber creel with different types of tension control and fiber broken detection
  • Efficient curing oven with air-exchange control
  • TCON – Top level control system for supervision and quality control

MikroPlace - AFP/ATL software new version
MikroPlace V4.0 is the most sophisticated, machine-independent environment which merge automated fiber placement, tape laying processes and filament winding technology.


  • Streamlined - Easy and user friendly interface for multiple CAD/CAM  processes in composite manufacturing.
  • Smart - Intelligent  process and tool paths design  with multiple strategies for most appropriate process.
  • Comprehensive - One software for part and composite design,  analysis,  generation of path, tool center point, G code for multiple axis machines, simulation..

Specific Features at Autonomous Software:

  • Ability to be operated off-line and without additional and costly CAD license
  • Works for many types of machines, from different producers
  • Ability to create programs for multiple work cells that will coordinate final work i.e. multi-robot layup system.

Cover-all solution:

  • Tools to design your own surface models and ply geometries, or import and read external surface models and ply geometries
  • Functionality to generate separate program paths in G-code and link them to form lay-up sequences
  • Simulation of the entire lay-up process
  • Reports for results tracking, analysis and control of the production
  • Custom-made feature portfolio:
  • Additional features are created and added upon customer's specific requirements
  • Adaptability to existing equipment at customer's site
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