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PGI nonwovens serve a diverse collection of industrial end products used in different market segments: industrial composites, consumer composites, filtration, building and horticulture.

PGI has one of the largest global platforms in the industry, with over 3200 employees in 13 manufacturing and converting facilities in nine countries throughout the world.

Core material:
Matline is currently used as a core material or as a sub-layer near the gel coat in many applications:
swimming pools, boats and yacht, wind mills, trailers and many more.

Available in thickness from 1,4 to 5 mm, perforated or non-perforated. Working with Matline requires no special tools or skills. It is easily moulded into any shape.

  • Better dry drapability
  • Reduction of resin comsumption from 15 to 20 %
  • Better adherence in vertical application (Marine)
  • Weight and cost reduction improving rigidity and impact resistance
  • Better cosmetics acting as a print through blocker

Synthetic veils: