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PMIC is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory that specializes in measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), coefficient of moisture expansion (CME), and thermal conductivity of materials (K). They test at temperatures from 30K to over 1,300K. They test carbon and glass fibres, laminates, composites, metals, resins, plastics, solids of all types, liquids, powders and pastes for their thermo-physical properties. they work worldwide with design engineers, production engineers and quality engineers in the industries of aerospace, transportation, marine, nuclear, defense, oil & gas, green energy, construction, food processing, electronics and basic research.

Main Activity: 
Service Providers - Composite Industry & General
Other Thermoplastic ResinPolyurethaneOther Thermosetting ResinMicrobeads and macrobeadsOther Textile ProductECR-glassBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Calcium carbonateMaterial DatabasePlateSandwich PanelsCMC - CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITERayon-basedOther fillerHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedOther SoftwareMilled FibrePET - Polyethylene TerephthalatePES - Polyether SulfoneTechnical CenterPC - PolycarbonateModelling & SimulationAluminium HoneycombOther FiberPSU - PolysulfonePA - PolyamidePOM - polyoxymethylenePEI - PolyetherimineGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticMulti-physicsLaser ProjectionMould Maintenance and Cleaning EquipmentE-glassPE - PolyethyleneLaboratory Machines and EquipmentMicaSMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundPitch-basedNDT - Non Destructive Testing - no USPolyimideMeta-aramidNanocompositesPolyesterNomex HoneycombTapeMethacrylateHigh Strength PolyethylenePP - PolypropyleneYarnResearch & DevelopmentWPC - Wood fiber Plastic CompositePBT - Polybutylene TerephthalateS-glassPrepregCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundPEEK - PolyetheretherketoneTalcFoamMachines and Devices for Temperature ManagementEpoxydeBalsaOther positioning systemsEstimatingPrototypingCeramicsCertifications, TestingQuartzPara-aramidConsultants / ExpertsIndustrial designOther Core MaterialAluminasCorkNon WovensOther AdhesivePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideVinylesterMMC - METAL MATRIX COMPOSITEBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundOther thermosetting semi-productsPUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethaneOther carbon FiberBoron free E-glassEngineeringPPS - Polyphenylene SulphideAcrylicPAN-based large tow / industrialPhenolicPAN-based high modulusBraidDesignPPO - Poly Phenylene OxideD-glassOther glass fibreBio-based Thermosetting ResinPAN-based high strengthSilica
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United States
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