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Schaumform GmbH is an engineering service company that provides highly specialized support for industrial customers that are interested in up-to-date methods for lightweight production. The focus of the R&D work of Schaumform is on the production of large volume goods that show superior lightweight performance. Commonly, thermoplastic systems are used and processing methods derived from injection moulding are employed. With the processing approaches of Schaumform – involving foam moulding and thermoplastic prepregs – the manufacturing of lightweight parts in one-minute cycles is achieved. The services of Schaumform start from lightweight design and lead to technical calculations and FEM. Then, the necessary pre-investigations are conducted by using test moulds and machinery. After technical proof and feasibility studies the production of the parts is set up. Schaumform supports industries like automotive, sports goods and the manufacturers of products for health care and personal safety.

Service Providers - Composite Industry & General
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