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Starfire Systems Inc. is a specialty materials company focused on Polymer-to-Ceramic technology. Its core business is synthesis of silicon-based pre-ceramic polymers that are used in polymer and ceramic matrix composite fabrication. Starfire Systems’ Polymer Derived Ceramic (PDC) materials are useful in a variety of applications where durable, lightweight and high temperature ceramics are required, such as lightweight motorcycle brake rotors, mobile electronic substrates, and rocket nozzles. Founded in 1988, the company has been deeply rooted in NASA and the commercial aerospace marketplace. The company also serve a variety of industries including military, armor, friction, and nuclear, and many other industrial commercial markets where customers seek a competitive advantage. As a raw material and technology supplier, it continues to focus on prepreg and composites manufacturers to partner with their clients to develop materials that meet the needs of a broader range of customers and end markets.

Raw Material Producer
2165 Technology Drive
Schenectady, VI 12308-1143
United States
Phone number: 
+151 88 99 93 36
+151 82 89 22 61