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Comi has been producing high quality thermoforming machines for over 30 years, installed all over the world. A few years after its settle up, the company has understood the importance of supplying full lines, so that Comi 's production includes also machinery for cutting through guillotine and laser.
Techmill has a long time know-how in the design and manufacturing of cnc milling machines and water jet systems.
Considering the environmental care and the sensitivity to cost, Comi and Techmill have focused their energy also in the development of energy saving and consumption reduction, which nowadays represent an important point to be considered in the planning of new investments.

Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Composite Part Manufacturing
Producer of Testing equipment
Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
Viale Italia, 18
24040 Levate VT
Phone number: 
+3903 54 94 32 20
+390 35 33 73 68