JEC Europe 2015 - 6 conferences package

JEC Europe 2015 - 6 conferences package

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Conferences abstracts


In order to predict how composite materials are going to act when confronted with harsh environments or damaging situations, it is important to evaluate their mechanical properties in depth. Organized in partnership with TUM and Stuttgart University, this session covers multiple topics, from composite design and modeling, to micromechanics and the specific properties of natural fibers for example.



Working along with the CETIM cluster, the NDT session delves into various, innovative or conventional testing methods such as non-contact ultrasound, FTIR spectroscopy and fast acoustic imaging. Damage analysis is particularly important when it comes to composite materials, since repairing is such an issue in this industry. Laser adhesion testing will also be presented, as well as applications, in particular for the automotive industry.



The LOw COst Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures (LOCOMACHS) project, coordinated by SAAB AB, represents a collaboration between 31 partners, including major actors of the aeronautics industry. In this session, a handful of these partners, such as Airbus Group Innovations and Dassault Aviation, share their knowledge of the current trends and new technologies, such as low cost assembly methods, autoclave injection processes, composites structures modeling, etc.



The use of composite materials in the automotive industry is increasing as new technologies and developments occur. For example, reducing vehicles’ weight is one of the biggest challenges this industry currently faces, as well as implementing high-performance but low-cost solutions that function on an industrial level and allow for high production rates.



With a slight focus on aeronautical applications, this conference session about composite materials testing regroups several topics: from design approaches to dedicated software, along with efficiency and performance in the aerospace industry. Organized with Stanford University, it will revolve around mechanical responses and behavioral predictions.



Developed from a partnership with the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production of RWTH Aachen (AZL), this session covers high volume applications as well as the increase of automated production. The process chain being a key part of the composite materials industry, it is crucial to see how it can be optimized for maximum efficiency.



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