JEC World 2016 - 11 conferences package

JEC World 2016 - 11 conferences package

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If you missed JEC World 2016 Conferences, here is the opportunity to purchase the proceedings of the Conferences in a webcast format.

The JEC World 2016 technical conferences covered a wide variety of subjects, delving into the use of composites in the Automotive and Aeronautics industries, as well as Innovations, Simulation, Design, Non-destructive Testing, or the latest advancements in Thermoplastics, Biocomposites, etc. With partnerships on every single one of the 11 sessions, the conferences involved over 80 speakers from all over the world and both industrial experts and scholars.

This content is the best way to keep up with your education, and can even be used as a valuable teaching tool to share with colleagues who may have missed the conferences.


Experience JEC Conferences online!

Buy this product and get an online access to the 11 JEC Conferences of JEC World 2016, on JEC Group’s WebTV


What makes this product a must-have?

  • Speakers presentations displayed within the video frame
  • Audience live comments and feedback
  • A whole new HD experience


Conferences abstracts

Automotive: New environment – New opportunities

  • Furthering weight saving solutions thanks to the use of carbon fiber
  • Complying with environmental guidelines
  • Hybrid solutions


Advanced NDT for damage detection, and bonding characterization

  • Overview of the advances in non-destructive techniques
  • Use of Terahertz waves


Fiber placement: towards higher deposition rates regardless of curvature

  • Automation and robotic approaches
  • Possible applications


Simulation: behavioral predictions

  • Reducing physical material testing
  • Introducing multi-composites material solutions combing chopped and continuous fiber composites
  • Accounting for effects of the manufacturing process on the material behavior & part performance
  • Making the move to additive layer manufacturing


Thermoplastics: tough materials, fast and robust production

  • The Quilted Stratum Process concept
  • Process simulation of thermoplastic composites
  • Automotive and aeronautic applications


Composites design made simple by trace

  • Learn how trace can make design and testing of composites with revolutionary results
  • Get the latest with tools and supporting data so trace can be implemented


Aeronautics: adapting to the CFRP part production ramp-up

  • Manufacturing complex parts thanks to fiber placement
  • Increased use of simulation in design, manufacturing and structural analysis


Developing a composite supply chain

  • An overview of the Composites Innovation Cluster (CiC) program
  • Successes and lessons learnt


Composite 4.0 - Innovations in composite production technology

  • Smart composite technologies
  • Automation of composite production
  • Quality assurance and adaptive processes

Design in the age of experience

  • Global optimization
  • Overcoming manufacturing challenges
  • Behavioral prediction


Biocomposites for innovative architectural applications based on natural fibers and bioplastics

  • Innovative architectural designs in interior spaces
  • The potential of 'agro-fibers’ which are derived from agricultural resources but do not interfere with the food-supply chain

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