Overview of the global composites market

Overview of the global composites market - at the crossroads - Printed edition

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This JEC Group publication is an updated global composites market study from the previous edition, which provided a forecast growth up to 2015. This latest edition provides 2016 market data and a growth forecast to 2020. Against a backdrop of 11% growth from 2014 to 2016, which took the global composites industry to new heights, reaching 82 billion USD, this latest study highlights the key opportunities and issues that will influence the projected growth of the industry going forward.. 
Essential market size information, key challenges, trends and forecast growth figures are provided by key geographic regions and industrial sectors including aerospace, wind energy, marine, building and construction, transportation and automotive, which is given special focus in the latest edition due to its rapidly growing importance.  

•    Key 2016 market figures for the global composites industry and forecast to 2020
•    Industry and Dynamics of end-user industries for composites
•    Market dynamics by key geographic regions and counties
•    Special focus topics: key composites players in France;  composites for the automotive sector; global R & D centres of excellence for composite materials

Publication date:  March 2017

#1 Definitions and methodologies
#2 Executive Summary
#3 Key figures of the global composites industry
#4 Dynamics of end-user industries for composites
1. Automotive and land transportation
2. Aerospace and defense
3. Electronics and Electrical equipment
4. Construction
5. Pipe and tank
6. Wind energy
7. Sports and consumer goods
8. Marine industry
#5 Market dynamics by key geographic regions
1. Global market size and structure
2. Market forecast (2016-2020 1)
#6 Industry and key players dynamics
1. Introduction: Value creation and levers of profitable growth
2. Growth in the composites industry
3. Competitiveness and profitability in the composites industry
4. Key trends in the composites industry
5. Examples of successful companies in the composites industry
#7 Special focus topics
7-1 Composites industry in France
7-2 Key factors for composites in the automotive industry
7-3 Key global  R&D centers for composites Tables
# Appendicies

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