Strength & Life of Composites

Strength & Life of Composites

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Stephen W. Tsai and Pranav D. Shah
Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford University

This innovative book is suitable for education,industry and government personnel interested in composites for Aerospace, Transportation and Wind Energy. It provides knowledge and tools to move beyond the penalties imposed by many current practices.

This 672-page book owes its origin to Composites Design Tutorial, an online, on demand training course that has turned out to be timely during the increased interest in composites and the increased cost of fuel.

Receiving training without travel now has an added advantage. We emphasize not only new theory of failure based on micromechanics but also tools for designers for enlarging their design envelope and implementing their calculations easily, intuitively and with confidence.

Thus, this book has 3 parts:
1) Original papers on strength and life based principally on micromechanics of failure
2) Elementary theory of composites, and basic reference on materials and processing
3) Description of tools for design calculations

This book is intended for students and engineers interested in learning composite materials. It is also intended for teachers to adopt for their courses.

For more details about this book, please download the book content and the illustrations samples.

About the author:
Stephen W. Tsai, Editor of this book and author of Appendix A
BS in Mechanical Engineering 1952 and D.Eng, 1961, Yale University
Prof Research Emritus, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford University, 1990 -; US Air Force Materials Laboratory, 1968-1990
Member of US National Academy of Engineering, since 1995
Composite Materials, their design and applications in aircraft, cars and wind energy.