Schedule for the Transportation Symposium: How Will Composites Further the Evolution of Ground Transportation?

June 27, 2018

Composites: a first-rate solution for Transportation

  • Market/industry overview 
  • Lightweight quality
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, noise insulation, vibration reduction
  • Reduced impact of corrosion, increasing the use of special coatings
  • Electrical insulation, low smoke generation

Optimizing Structural and Interior Design

  • Making complex shapes and curvatures possible
  • Maximizing aerodynamics for front-end and ventilation solutions 
  • Evaluating impact behavior and fatigue resistance under high speed
  • Aesthetic flexibility allowing for varied interior design


June 28, 2018

Improving Performance and Efficiency

  • Weight reduction to lower fuel consumption and increase load capacity
  • Dimensional stability of thermoset composite materials
  • Innovative resin binder systems
  • High performance thermoplastics
  • Towards environmentally friendly transportation means and durability
  • Autonomous vehicles

Manufacturing: Lowering Assembly Time and Costs

  • Parts integration: from multiple components to a single composite part
  • Pultruded profiles
  • Assembling complex components using automated layup
  • Towards mass production
  • Reduced maintenance: easier handling and installation