Who will attend?

The Future of Composites in Transportation will gather the whole value chain of industry players with an interest in the utilization of Composites in Ground Transportation

Ground transportation industries:

  • Automotive Industry: Passenger Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, Future Transportation
  • Merchandise Transportation: Trailers, Semi-trailers, Heavy Trucks
  • Public Transportation: Buses, Coaches, Electric Shuttles, Self-driving Buses
  • Rail Industry: Short Distance/Mass Transit Vehicles (Subways, Trams), Long Distance Vehicles (Trains)


Composites value chain & players:

  • OEMs and end-users
  • Key buyers
  • Composite parts producers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Material suppliers
  • Composite materials recyclers, engineering companies
  • Software and services suppliers, distributors, agents, representatives, investors and analysts
  • Clusters, networks, government agencies
  • Composite technical and technological transfer centers
  • Academic & training institutions
  • Media