Take part in high-level conference sessions with presentations from renowned speakers from all over the world

The Symposium is tailored to professionals willing to increase their knowledge on the potential of the composites materials utilisation in Ground Transportation


June 27, 2018

Composites: a First-Rate Solution for Transportation

  • Market/industry overview
  • Lightweight quality 
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, noise insulation, vibration reduction
  • Reduced impact of corrosion, increasing the use of special coatings
  • Electrical insulation, low smoke generation

Optimizing Structural and Interior Design

  • Making complex shapes and curvatures possible 
  • Maximizing aerodynamics for front-end and ventilation solutions
  • Evaluating impact behavior and fatigue resistance under high speed
  • Aesthetic flexibility allowing for varied interior design


June 28, 2018

Improving Performance and Efficiency

  • Weight reduction to lower fuel consumption and increase load capacity
  • Dimensional stability of thermoset composite materials 
  • Innovative resin binder systems
  • High performance thermoplastics
  • Towards environmentally friendly transportation means and durability
  • Autonomous vehicles

Manufacturing: Lowering Assembly Time and Costs

  • Parts integration: from multiple components to a single composite part 
  • Pultruded profiles
  • Assembling complex components using automated layup
  • Towards mass production
  • Reduced maintenance: easier handling and installation