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Raw Materials


National University of Singapore (Singapore) - Advanced Carbon Nanotube Fiber Composites from Aerogel Techniques


Partner: University of Cambridge (UK)


For the first time, a new mechanical densification method has been successfully developed to densify CNT fibres/films into highly dense structures.




Revology (New Zealand) - Bistrot Chair: 100% Organic Composite Materials and Biobased Resins


Partner: D2 Design & Development (Australia)

To meet composite manufacturers’ need for more and more automation, Techni-Modul Engineering (TME) developed a robotized cell that can create a preform made out of dry fibre materials without operator intervention throughout the entire cycle.




Techni-Modul Engineering (France) - Robotized Cell Creating a Preform Made Out of Dry Fiber Materials Without Operator Intervention


Partner: Pascal Institute (France)

Revology has reinvented the bistrot chair, 100% made of organic composite materials and bio-based resins.


Wind Energy


Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) - Instant Thixotropic Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy resins are preferred as matrix materials and adhesives for structural composite applications due to their outstanding process and performance properties, such as high mechanical strength/stiffness, fracture toughness and excellent bonding strength.





Daimler AG (Germany) - Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Rear Wall of Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG 


Partners: Multimatic (Germany) / Carbon Nexus (Australia) / IFB Stuttgart (Germany)

A joint programme was conducted by Mercedes-Benz and Multimatic to develop a lightweight structure from inception to production, spanning the entire composite value chain from engineering design to high-volume manufacturing feasibility




National Aerospace Laboratories (India) - Development of a 14 Seater Civil Aircraft: ‘SARAS', Integrating The Fuselage Bulkhead With The Composite Dome

CSIR-NAL has taken up the development of a 14-seater civil aircraft named Saras.






Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd (Japan) - An Innovative Transparent Composite For Trains With a New Flame Retardant Concept: EXVIEW


Partner: Research Institute for chemical Process Technology (AIST) (Japan)

The project, which focuses on an innovative flame-retardant composite material, was conducted under contract with Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of the Strategic Advance Technical Assistance Business 2011 programme.




Republic Polytechnic (Singapore) / ETH Zürich, Singapore-ETH Centre (Singapore) - Maximizing Bonding Between Sustainable Bamboo Composite and Concrete 

Composite reinforcing bars (rebars) have gained attention in the building industry due to their higher corrosion resistance and durability than steel.

The market for fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.4% between 2016 and 2021.







Oil & Gas


Technip (France) - Durable and Light-weight Flexible Riser Reinforced with Carbon Fiber Composites for Extreme Environments of Offshore Oil and Gas Fields

The aim of the project is to file a patent for a carbon fibre composite based armour for flexible pipes.

The material is made of a UD material reinforced with high-strength transverse carbon fibre combined with an epoxy resin (potentially thermoplastic).





Non-Destructive Testing


SURAGUS GmbH (Germany) - Isotropy and Integrity Testing Solution for Recycled Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibre waste is precious, so there is high motivation to develop recycling. High-quality parts can now be produced from waste short-cut fibres.




Toho Tenax Europe GmbH (Germany) - Closing the Loop for Tenax® Thermoplastic Composites 

Toho Tenax has been focusing on the Tenax® ThermoPlastics product range, which enables the user to combine fast processing times with high mechanical performance.