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Take part in high-level conference sessions with presentations from renowned speakers from all over the world

The conference program is tailored to professionals willing to increase their knowledge on the potential of the composites materials

The Conferences Program will focus on 5 thematics:

Wednesday November 1

  • 12th International Carbon Festival

Thursday November 2

  • Automotive: novelties in structural and semi structural applications
  • What kind of future is there for composites in IT and E&EE?

Friday November 3

  • Developing automated processes in Aeronautics: tape laying, fiber placement
  • Sports & Leisure: can composite materials do better?


Want to be a speaker? For more information about the conference program, please contact: 

Frédéric Reux
Media Director & Editor-in-Chief
Phone: +33 1 58 36 15 11
E-mail: Send Inquiry