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JEC Asia 2017
24 May 2017
JEC Asia is on the threshold of 10 years. In November of this year, not only does it transfer the composites exhibition to Seoul for the first time, but it will also highlight the composites industry in End-Users Markets, such as the development of materials for Transportation (including Automotive & Aeronautics), renewable energies, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE) or again Sports & Leisure.

The unique International Composites Platform dedicated to Asia Pacific


JEC Asia: focus on the main markets of the Asian Composites Industry
JEC Asia is the annual grand occasion for composites industries in Asia. Every year thousands of professionals and more than 200 companies from more than 45 countries across Asia-Pacific come together in this place creating innumerable business opportunities.

“In 2016, Asia represented 43% of the global Composites Market in value i.e. $35,26 Bn. This important market needs to be addressed in accordance with its needs and specificities. For instance, in volume, Asia accounts for 27% of the global weight of Composite use in EEE; if we add China, this figure raises to 66% of the world usage in Kilo Tons. Thanks to our partnerships with Asians clusters, government and Industries, and also thanks to our permanent office in Singapore, we are stronger in bringing dedicated content and solutions to Composites professionals in Asia or interested in the Asian markets.” comments Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.

“Besides, JEC Asia steering committee is mainly composed of Asian academics, industrialists and officials to make sure that the November event will perfectly fit current and future interest for this region”, she adds.

Conferences on Composites in Automotive, Aeronautics, IT & EEE and Sports & Leisure are already planned in the agenda.


JEC Asia will host the International Carbon Festival


For the first time, JEC Asia will be hosting the 12th International Carbon Festival, the Symposium on Carbon Materials and Composite Technologies.

“The synergies of our events will ensure strong participation of Korean companies and institutions but also, thanks to our decade working in the region, we are confident we will attract international crowd from other Asian countries but also Europe and America. Our networking solutions will gather them and boost their business” says Christian Strassburger, JEC Group Asia Director.

JEC Asia 2017
17 Jul 2017
JEC Group, the largest composites industry organization in the world brings to light the growing importance composites materials have in every industrial sector. JEC President and CEO, Ms Frédérique MUTEL, came to Seoul on Wednesday July 12, 2017, to share her analysis of the current and future trends with Korean press, industrialists, officials and academics.

“Every time I come to Seoul, I am always amazed by the dynamism of the Korean market regarding Composites Materials and Innovation in general. I feel a unique economic vitality from what I call the “golden triangle” formed by Government, Industry and Research together with Material Sciences and Engineering. The proof is the large number of participants we welcomed today. I hope that they grasped the current situation for Composites Materials as well as the challenges and competitions that we will have to overcome together. These are points of reflection that they will be able to pursue during the 10th JEC Asia next November 1-3, 2017 in Seoul.” she comments.

A full room at JEC Presentation in SeoulThe conference had the honor to be prestigiously opened by Mr. Fabien PENONE, French Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. He welcomes the relocation of JEC Asia to Seoul and is looking forward to a promising event next November.

During the conference, prominent guest speakers also took the stage. Mr. JUNG, President of the Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology, discussed about the Carbon Industry in Jeonbuk.
Finally, Mr. KIM, President of the Korean Society for Composites Materials presented the current states and prospects of Composites materials in Korea.


JEC Asia and International Carbon Festival (ICF) a perfect combination

For the first time, JEC Asia will be hosting the 12th International Carbon Festival, the Symposium on Carbon Materials and Composite Technologies. “The topics addressed by the ICF symposium are fully
complementary subjects to JEC Asia conferences. We believe that the 50% expected international attendees will make the most of the event and of the beautiful city of Seoul” adds Christian STRASSBURGER, JEC Group Asia Director.

JEC Asia 2017 hosting ICF
13 Sep 2017
The JEC Asia trade fair will present all the composite solutions for all end-users industries in Seoul on 1-3 November 2017.

JEC Group, the world’s leading promoter of composite materials, continues its development in Asia. After the 2008 launch in Singapore of JEC Asia, the annual composite trade fair for the Asia-Pacific region, the JEC Group set up offices in Singapore in 2016. It is currently stepping up its strategy to connect with end markets and has relocated the JEC Asia trade fair to Seoul for its 10th edition.


Asia: a booming market for composite materials

Composite materials provide users with substantial benefits, like lightweight, strength, insulation, corrosion resistance, design and shape freedom, choice of textures, and easy maintenance. Given the increasingly important issues around material savings and the environment, the growing interest on the part of many industries is easy to understand, and composites are being used more and more.
In 2016, Asia accounted for 43% of the global market for composites in terms of value, or €34.8 billion, compared to €18 billion in 2011: a 93% increase over a six-year period. The two main user markets in Asia are consumer goods (30% of total volume) and electricity & electronics (27% of total volume).


South Korea is a strategic hub for composite materials

JEC Group President & CEO Frederique Mutel and Gyoung-Gee Liu, Vice-Mayor of Seoul, sign a memorandum of understanding in February 2017
South Korea is a country with spectacular growth. Every composites-using industry is represented in this country, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and sports & leisure”, says JEC Group President and CEO Mrs. Frederique Mutel.

“A specific feature of this country is that it reaps the benefit of a positive synergy from the “golden triangle” that is formed by the government authorities with research & industry and material science & techniques. These three areas are “virtuous circle” models that help to develop industry as a whole. So after signing a memorandum of understanding with the carbon cluster of the Jeonju region in 2014, we are now pleased to also have the support of the Seoul municipality, for which we signed a memorandum of understanding in early February 2017.”

From left to right: KCTECH President Dong Chul Chung, Jec Group President and CEO Frederique Mutel, French Ambassador to Korea Fabien Penone, and KSCM President Kisoo Kim
At a press conference in Seoul on July 12, 2017, the French Ambassador to Korea Fabien Penone expressed his pleasure that JEC Asia 2017 is the first French industrial trade fair to be organized in Seoul. Both the support from institutions and the enthusiasm of local and international manufacturers augur well for this tenth JEC Asia.
JEC Asia is also hosting the 12th International Carbon Festival (ICF), which is organized by KCTECH, a competitive cluster in the Jeonju region, and it looks as though there will also be a strong turnout from the professionals in that industry.

The city of Seoul is making great efforts to help us set up this international event, which will welcome participants from more than 40 countries on November 1-3, 2017. Moreover, Seoul has the ideal infrastructure to welcome exhibitors and visitors with the high quality that characterizes all JEC Group events”, adds JEC Asia Director Christian Strassburger.