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Why Seoul?

South Korea, a strategic hub for composite materials

“South Korea is a country with spectacular growth. Every composites-using industry is represented in this country, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and sports & leisure”, says JEC Group President and CEO Ms. Frederique Mutel.

South Korea clearly has a strong composites industry, with local processors supported by local carbon fiber and resin suppliers, and the country looks set to continue to be at the forefront of developments in composite materials and techniques.

The global carbon fiber market is expected to double in size between 2010 and 2020. At present, the global market size is around 60,000 tons. South Korea now manufactures around 8% of global carbon fiber capacity.

The South Korean government has provided significant funding to boost the country’s carbon fiber industry, with the goal of exporting 8 million USD worth of carbon fiber products by 2020.

The model of virtuous circles in South Korea is very successful: the development of Composites materials could only be possible thanks to the close relationship of the Golden triangle made of Government, Industry and Research together with Material Sciences and Engineering. 

More over Seoul has the perfect infrastructure to welcome exhibitors and attendees with the high-quality standards that JEC Group offers at each of our events.