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Why attend?

After several JEC Forums editions focusing on advances in design and simulation of composite materials in various industries, for the first time JEC Forums becomes an event entirely dedicated to composites in the Automotive industry. Hosted in Knoxville, home to the University of Tennessee and one of IACMI’s lead institutions, the event will bring new developments in automotive manufacturing and materials.

The Automotive industry remains by far the largest market for composite materials in the U.S., rendering it a key player when it comes to innovation and advancements in materials and manufacturing processes. The main challenges: raw material cost reduction, light-weighting, and achieving mass production, are direct consequences of environmental requirements becoming more rigorous as concern about carbon emissions grows.

The use of carbon fiber is an important part of the answer to these problematics but brings on its own set of issues that need to be dealt with, thus making the contemplated solutions complex.

JEC Forums will present an extensive overview of the current trends and innovations thanks to a twofold program.

The first day will offer two conference sessions delving into the possibilities of hybrid solutions, for example by combining lightweight materials with metals, as well as the challenges that come with making carbon fiber an affordable solution for mass production.

The second day will supplement these aspects with a more concrete approach thanks to various workshops focusing on light-weighting, CFRP failure analysis and additive manufacturing. These workshops involve presentations, live demonstrations, case studies and Q&A, and will be followed by a guided composite tour.

This event is a great opportunity to show advancements on the aforementioned subjects, with several OEMs already in talks to present.