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JEC World proposes a program of Conferences, Technical Sales Presentations, End-User and "Composites in Action" Workshops area.


Paying Conferences

3 days of high-value end-users conferences presented by experts focusing on the major topics of the composite industry


March 14, 2017

Panel: Aeronautics - Increasing production rates
10:00am: Thermoplastics - Multimaterial Solutions
In partnership with CETIM
02:00pm: Aeronautics: Multiscale Modeling for Behavioral Predictions

March 15, 2017

Panel: Automotive - Are thermoplastics the answer to mass producing lightweight structures?
10:00am: Production Technology for Multi-Material Lightweight Components
In partnership with AZL RWTH AAchen University
02:00pm: Addressing Repair and Recycling Issues in the Automotive Industry

March 16, 2017

Panel: Construction - What are the rules for composite materials?
10:00am - Title to be confirmed
In partnership with TUM and University of Stuttgart
02:00pm: Composites as a Worthy Alternative to Traditional Materials in the Construction Industry


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