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A simple goal: identify, promote and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide


The winners and their partners gain: 

  • International recognition
  • Greater public exposure 
  • Business opportunities
  • Customer confidence


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Who can apply?

Any company or R&D centre with a genuine innovation or concept to present in a specific application sector among:

  • Automotive and road transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Defence, Security & Ballistics
  • Renewable energy
  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure & Civil Engineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical & prosthetics
  • Electrical, Electronics and Appliances
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Furniture & Appliances
  • Sports & leisure
  • Marine


What to expect?

International recognition from the global composite community.


Selection criteria

  • Impact on Mankind
  • Ratio “Cost of the solution / Acceptable price for the targeted audience”
  • Innovative character
  • Environmental impact (Recyclability/reuse/emission/life cycle...)
  • Other (mandatory to specify)

The full value chain, partnerhips and collective intelligence are, in all cases, really important.



The international Jury will choose 30 nominees. The 10 Winners will be announced during JEC World. An online vote will be organised for the People Choice Award which will be given the last day of the Show.


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15 December 2017



JEC Composites’ comprehensive communication plan includes press releases, magazine articles and website content on the programme and its entries. We have a growing number of press partners, and international trade magazines give broad coverage of the programme. JEC Composites networks with 1,200 trade magazines worldwide – we generally spot more than a hundred articles about the innovations each year.


An Institution

Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation programme has brought in 1,800 companies worldwide; 177 companies and 433 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations.


2017 Winners

Innovation Awards - JEC World 2017 winners

Download the 2017 Innovation Awards Digest


Download the 2018 innovation programs brochure



Franck Glowacz
Innovation Content Leader
Phone: +33 1 58 36 15 04
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