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Industry on Stage

Tuesday March 6

10:00am: 3M developments that enhance Lightening Strike Protection
3M - Mike Swan, Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division project manager

10:30am: XSTRAND™ - High performance composite filaments for additive manufacturing
OWENS CORNING - Emmanuel Vaquant & Vincent Huin, Technology Platform Leader Front End Innovation

5:00pm: ACTC (Advanced Composite Technology Center) - Unique R&D Platform of High Performance composites with focus on Production Technology
HENGRUI CORP -  Erich Fries, Managing director / Director of global business development, HRC

5:30pm: UV-cured GRP composites: Manufacturing process improvements
ALLNEX - Luc Boogaerts, Technical Services & Business Development Specialist


Wednesday March 7

10:00am: Mass Reduction for Mass Production: High Volume Manufacturing of CFRP
DOW - Felix Diebold, Development Lightweight Construction at Audi AG Neckarsulm / Martin Reimers, Market Manager Composites Dow Deutschland, Schwalbach

10:30am: Developments in Polyester and vinyl ester bonding paste technology for high performance composite applications
SCOTT BADER - Yingying Qin, Senior Materials Engineer

1:00pm: Scalable Fiber Patch Placement technology ready for prepreg processing
CEVOTEC - Thorsten Groene, Managing Director of Cevotec GmbH

1:30pm: Fast-cure Epoxy Matrix with HP-RTM and WCM Application Technologies in Auto-industries
WELLS ADVANCED - Mindy Lin, Technical Engineer

2:00pm: Composites for Next Generation Infrastructure: Building the Cities of Tomorrow
OWENS CORNING - Kendall Thacker, 30 Global Product Manager, Pipe & Pultrusion

2:30pm: MVP Cartridge Filling Station
MVP - Peter Hedger Jr., Director of Marketing and Communications

3:00pm: AFP…how good can you be? Build notes from a leading supplier of AFP equipment
ELECTROIMPACT - Todd Rudberg, Engineering Controls Lead 

3:30pm: MVP Cartridge Filling Station
MVP - Peter Hedger Jr., Director of Marketing and Communications


Thursday March 8

10:00pm: MVP Cartridge Filling Station
MVP - Peter Hedger Jr., Director of Marketing and Communications

10:30am: Scott Bader's Crestafire High performance resin & gelcoat systems for demanding Building & Construction and Rail applications
SCOTT BADER - Neil Gray, Global Market Manager, Fire, Smoke & Toxic fume (FST) Performance products

11:00am: Improving the Toughness of Composites with Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
OCSIAL - Jens Schneider, Development and Support Leader for adhesives and composites European Adhesive Engineer (EAE)

11:30am: Modular Double Belt Press - Continuous composite production at its best
BERNDORF - Peter Riedl, Sales Manager

12:30pm: Matrix Resins and Multi Substrate Adhesives for Large Scale Automotive Composite Production
HENKEL - Konrad Brimo-Hayek, Business Development Manager Composites; Transportation & Metal Industries  - Automotive 

1:00pm: Aerospace Potting Compounds
HENKEL - Martin Renkel, Product Development Manager – Europe; Transportation & Metal Industries  - Aerospace 

1:30pm: Mäder Total EN 45545-2 Solutions: Paints, Gelcoats and Resins combined with innovative manufacturing methods boost your Productivity
WALTER MADER - Stephan Hoffmann, Technical Sales

2:00pm: Composites Testing for Design and Quality Control
INSTRON - Ian Mc Enteggart, Composites Market Manager

2:30pm: StyLight - Class-A surface with thermoplastic composites
INEOS - Pierre Juan, Director Thermoplastic Composite

3:00pm: High Performance Composite Resins for Fire Safety Applications
HEXION - Dr. Alexander Schmidt, Senior Development Engineer

3:30pm: Flame retardant epoxy resins for high throughput manufacture of aerospace interiors
HEXION - Amitabh Bansal, Composite R&D Manager

4:00pm: Novel materials for compression molding: new prepreg and CF-SMC having superior formability and mechanical performance
TORAY - Dr. Koji Yamaguchi, Manager of Advanced Composites Material Technology Dept. Toray Industries Inc.

4:30pm: A novel solid lubricant made from water-soluble resin. It enables dry machining, improves the cutting surface quality and extends the tool life
MGC (MITSUBISHI) - Shigeru Horie, Manager