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Innovation Planets

Display parts or final products, be at the purchasers' first stop and reach end-users


Four different display areas, called Planets, will be dedicated to specific sectors. The Planets are the places where major OEMs and suppliers come to see the new trends in the composites industry.

Auto Planet
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Aero Planet
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Saint Gobain

Building Planet
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Make it Real Planet
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KU Leuven

LUCA School of Arts Gent



Sustainable solutions

Bio-composites, recyclability and sustainability themes will be a shared thread between all the Planets. The “Make It Real” Planet will focus more specifi cally on solutions to our societal concerns.


The Make it Real Planet

How do designers propose and realize new and surprising answers to questions related to a sustainable society, a (more) urban society, a producing society, a caring society, an experimenting society? What kind of opportunities do new and recently developed composite materials offer designers and how do designers deal with it? How do designers inspire research of new composite materials and concepts and in what way does it happen interactively? The “Make It Real” Planet, in cooperation with Design museum Gent, KU Leuven and LUCA School of Arts Gent (Belgium), will show projects in areas such as mobility, architecture, infrastructure, energy supply, robotics, sport, medical equipment, interior objects, 3D printing.


Why Showcase Innovations?

To be present where purchasers set their technological benchmarks.


Who can apply?

Any company or R&D centre with a genuine innovation to present in the form of a part or a final product. Note that raw materials alone are not accepted and that JEC has the right to refuse a piece to maintain the coherence of the Planets.


Participation form



15 January 2018


Who visits the Planets*

Who visit the planets?

*A few examples from the 2017 visitor base


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Innovation Content Leader
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