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Startup Booster

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A unique competition tailored to find and assess sources of innovation in the Composite field

Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites. It enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry, as a complement to the project they may are already involved in order to choose those with a potential impact for the industry, as a complement to the projects in which they are already involved.
Launched in 2017, Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 150+ innovative projects from 25+ countries, 20 finalists and 6 winners.

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Deadline: December 15, 2018


The Competitors

The competition is open to entrepreneurs with innovative projects, SMEs and academic spinoffs, in 2 categories:


  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0, Smart industry


  • New composite materials, including hybrid materials and IoT
  • New application markets for composites


A Win-Win Program

For Startups:

  • A business acceleration with the chance to reach key decision makers and to find industry partners and customers
  • A boost to the brand awareness of the 42,000+ industry players present at the show
  • A boost to the brand awareness of the 100,000+ members of the JEC Group community

For Corporations / Industry:

  • Find and assess innovative, specialized composite startups that can have an impact on their business (process- or product-wise)
  • Take inspiration from a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Position your brand with a successful program
  • Grow your network with universities, R&T and R&D centers, clusters, associations, industries and media


High-Level Jury

The competition features a strong jury composed of experts from international groups and companies involved in innovative materials.

Members of the jury in 2019:

  • Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite, Airbus
  • Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Responsible for material innovations and BIW concept development, Daimler AG
  • Jeffrey WOLLSCHLAGER, Senior Director - Composites Technology, Altair Engineering
  • More to be announced


Winners 2018


Introduces vertically aligned carbon nanotubes at interlaminar interfaces to allow tougher, lighter, and more durable composite structures.

Has a new electroplating procedure to metallize carbon fibers in a single step using environment-friendly electrolytes to enhance the properties of carbon fibers. These fibers can be used to create functional CFRP as well as new fiber-reinforced metals.

Has developed a novel patented material which provides over 100 times better noise attenuation in a smaller package compared to conventional materials. This solution could greatly facilitate the adoption of composites in many sectors.

Inca-Fiber (Germany) with 62.36% of the 2,221 votes


Main Innovation Partners

Airbus Daimler


Innovation Partners

Altair ASTech  


Recruitment Partners 2019

Asso Compositi

Auto Nebula


Composites Innovation Centre

Drive TLV



Institut Mines-Télécom


LPAC Mai Carbon Matériau Pole
Solar Impulse Techstars TNFIS
U.S Commercial Service XC Consultants  



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