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Cyclitech 2016 -  the first international conference on bicycle technology


Cyclitech is the first international conference on bicycle technology.

Co-organized by JEC Group and SPE, these two-days of conferences offer a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about the latest bicycle technologies.


The first edition took place on 8-9 December 2015, in Brussels, Belgium.

With over 35 international speakers and 170 participants, it offered a comprehensive program covering widespread topics such as an overview of materials and processes dedicated to bicycle frames, the latest trends in design and innovation and of course the ever-present challenges of increasing performance without sacrificing safety.

Experts from Cervelo, Time Sport International, KTM Technologies, Rolo Bikes, and more. delivered top-level speeches and the panel involving professional cyclist Jurgen Van de Walle generated much enthusiasm, making it clear a second edition would be very welcome.


First Day

  • Optimizing racing bikes performances: Weight VS stiffness VS safety
  • Advancements in manufacturing processes: Towards mass production of leisure and urban bikes
  • Trends in electric bikes design

Second Day

  • Non-destructive testing and quality control of bike parts
  • The challenges of repairing carbon fiber
  • Recycling carbon fiber: Energy efficient solutions


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