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Take part in high-level conference sessions with presentations from renowned speakers from all over the world

The conference program is tailored to professionals willing to increase their knowledge on the potential of the composites materials utilisation in buildings and construction

The program will feature:

  • A Construction symposium, June 20-21, accessible for a separate fee
  • A special keynote speech by Mark Goulthorpe, Professor and Architect, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Architecture, accessible to all the Showfloor participants
  • A panel and a session co-organized with TechTextil North America, June 22


June 20

Building: A segment filled with possibilities

  • Market overview
  • Meeting structural, thermal and aesthetic requirements
  • Existing issues and possible solutions (costs, standardization etc.)
  • What is currently driving the demand?


Infrastructure: Composites as a worthy alternative to traditional materials

  • Market overview
  • Repair and improvement of existing architectures
  • FRP use in complex, hybrid, structures
  • Flexibility for unique designs


June 21

Building: Ensuring safety while maintaining performance

  • Fire protection and retardant systems
  • Corrosion, fatigue resistance and high weight to strength ratio
  • Finding the right resin: properties, performance etc
  • Pultrusion: still the manufacturing method of choice?


Infrastructure: Evaluating and improving the durability of composite materials

  • Light-weighting, sustainability, green building
  • Using thermal insulation properties of composite towards energy-saving structures
  • Life-cycle analysis (LCA) tools


June 22 - Panel (free access)

Developing Building Codes and Guidelines: Is Standardization an Attainable Goal?

  • What comes after updating the International Building Code (IBC)?
  • Necessary regulatory changes
  • Educating the architectural world about the use of composite


JEC Group & TTNA co-organized session

Connecting Technical Textiles and Composites

  • Construction and architectural applications
  • Mechanical properties, environmental resistance, etc.
  • Weight and cost savings


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