Why Chicago?

Chicago, IL: a key location

Choosing the city of Chicago as the home of JEC Group’s “Future of Composites” events was an easy decision considering its strategic position as a global transportation hub, supported by a large manufacturing network. Its history, and central location in North America have made it a focal point for connectivity and infrastructure.    
Illinois itself is the fifth largest state economy in the U.S., with automotive and transportation among its many major industries, and is investing heavily in its rail infrastructure.      

Composite materials present unique and unparalleled answers to the advancements needed in the ground transportation industry, such as reducing fuel consumption thanks to lightweight solutions, increasing parts integration, prioritizing fire retardancy, facilitating large scale production, etc. Chicago, and Illinois’ dynamism and constant developments make it a natural fit for JEC’s vision of the future of transportation, with manufacturers such as Motor Coach Industries, Great Dane Trailers, Nippon Sharyo, Kustom Seating, CC industries (which owns Gillig), all based in Illinois.    

Chicago is an exciting and sought-out destination which offers many must-see attractions such as the famous Chicago Riverwalk, the Park at Wrigley Field, the museum of contemporary art, and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.