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Sightseeing in Singapore

Doing business and enjoying Singapore’s rich cultural activities

Singapore, a unique City-State, has much to offer. Benefiting from an outstanding location at the crossroad of the Middle East, Asia and Australia, the “Lion City” has become one of most modern and creative city in the world. Make the most of your 3-day visit in November.


A modern landmark : Marina Bay

A visit to Marina Bay is guaranteed to bombard your senses. With land reclamation works starting only in the 1970s, the transformation of the area has been nothing short of a miracle.


Architectural masterpieces

Marvel at the collection of architectural icons that dot the impressive skyline, or brag about having seen some of the best views in the world from Sands SkyPark® at Marina Bay Sands®, designed by no less than the renowned architect Moshe Safdie.

Want a nature fix? Pop over to the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay. Revel in the spectacular views from the Supertree Grove amid lush gardens. Escape from the tropical heat at the cooled conservatories or let the kids splash about at the Children’s Garden.

Dizzy by the sights of a nautical vision in the distance? That’s just the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore designed to receive the newer generation of larger cruise liners.


New city living

Expect to see power suits and briefcases while joggers pound the pavement and cyclists whiz by alfresco cafes. You are as likely to find people who come here to work as people who call Marina Bay their home.

If you’re feeling cowed by the skyscrapers, walk along the scenic waterfront promenade decorated with artistic sculptures that lead you right to the water’s edge of Marina Reservoir, where you’ll probably come across kite flyers, dragon boat races, even musical performances.

And this is all just another ordinary day at Marina Bay.

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10 reasons to visit Singapore

Benefiting from an outstanding location at the crossroad of the Middle East, Asia and Australia, the “Lion City” has become one of most modern and creative city in the world. In addition to the show, find out 10 good reasons to visit Singapore.


  1. A safe, green and clean city
    Singapore is considered by many as one of the safest city in the world (one of its nickname is the «Safe Heaven»). Thanks to a supporting government program dating from the ’60s, Singapore is also one of the world’s greenest cities. With a strict cap on the number of vehicles allowed on the island, and with more than 5 percent of the island reserved for nature, Singapore is literally a breath of fresh air. Lastly, the «Lion City» is admirably clean! Littering, spitting and smoking in public places is banned and verbalized, and all possible measures are taken to ensure an extraordinary cleanliness.
  2. An accessible and amazing airport
    Easily accessible from all over the world, Singapore’s Changi International Airport is surprising! This astonishing airport feels like a tropical city, where everything is designed to make life easier. It feels cozy, with massage spots and an amazing garden bursting with cacti, orchids and a butterfly aviary. Changi looks like a luxury hotel, and you'll almost forget you're there to catch a plane!
  3. Cheap to get around in public transport
    Getting around Singapore is quite easy. Singapore public transportation system is among the best in the world. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rapid Transit (LRT) or buses takes you to almost every corner of Singapore.
  4. The Helix Bridge, an architectural marvel
    Linking Marina Bay to Marina Centre, the Helix Bridge, is set to become Singapore’s next landmark. This 280 metre pedestrian linkway (the longest in Singapore) features a world’s first double-helix structure and is an engineering feat assembled with great precision. For a memorable experience, be sure to visit this engineering marvel situated in the heart of the city.
  5. A foodie heaven
    Food is a national obsession in Singapore and everything related to the feeding is at the heart of the discussions. Great restaurants abound, and each new establishment is greeted with an intense buzz. This city is a land of multi-cultural culinary food paradise and you’ll find flavours from all around the world!
  6. Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest giant observation wheel
    Standing at 165 metres tall, the Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel that is among the world’s largest. Opened in 2008, a breathtaking panoramic view of the Singapore City skyline is ensured from inside one of the capsules. No other place in Singapore offers these glittering night views.
  7. Singapore, the new art capital
    Singapore is engaged in a battle for Asian arts supremacy. The city state has made a huge investment to become the region’s arts and entertainment centre. This work is paying off, and Galleries are now everywhere. In spite of its cosmopolitan nature, which opens doors to rich and contemporary global influences, the city remains uniquely Asian. Packed with arts activities, festivals, events and cultural spaces, arts junkies are spoilt for choice!
  8. A surprising shopping place
    In many experts opinion, Singapore is also known as a shopping paradise. In addition to modern shopping centre where you’ll find all the most prestigious luxury brands, the City hosts multiple atypical shops which offer unexpected finds and kitsch styles in charming small houses.
  9. The new gambling paradise
    Singapore, which is set to overtake Las Vegas as the world’s second-largest gambling hub this year, is the new paradise for the keens of casinos. Singapore has emerged as Asia’s hottest new gambling destination with a revamped cityscape, notably marked by the opening of two ultra-modern resorts casinos in 2010.
  10. The hotel of your dreams
    How can we not mention the Marina Bay Sands Hotel when we evoke Singapore? This unique hotel of 55 floors is indeed a marvel of design and of daring creation. This nugget of architectural wonder offers 2,500 luxury rooms and suites with a spectacular view over the city. It’s nearly impossible to list all facilities and restaurants on this massive oceanliner of a hotel. The utopian architectural vision consists of a gigantic vessel with a teak platform linking the 3 structures. Its dizzying infinity pool of 150 meters long seems to float above the city. A unique place on your «must-see» list!