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2017 Winners

JEC Asia Innovation Awards: the 12 winners

  • Railway
    Korea Railroad Research Institute (South Korea)Railway sleepers using ultra-high-performance cementitious composites
  • Transportation
    Omni Willig Carbon GmbH (Germany)Carbon Mini Tank for highly-corrosive materials
  • Automotive
    Daimler AG (Germany)Multifunctional carbon SMC spare wheel pan
  • Racing car
    Epotech Composite Corporation (Taiwan)Lightweight body structure design
  • Aeronautics
    Composite Technology Centre / CTC GmbH - An Airbus Company (Germany)Hybrid SMC technology for aircraft applications
  • Wind Energy
    Arkema (France)Infusion thermoplastic resin for wind turbine blade manufacturing
  • Sports & Leisure
    Chomarat (France)Thin-ply carbon NCF with visual stitching applied to an innovative windsurf board
  • Construction
    Logelis (France)Composite sandwich panel for modular construction
  • Marine
    Talon Technology Pty Ltd.(Australia)Carbon fibre/Kevlar hinge system
  • Raw Materials
    OCSiAl (Luxembourg)Single-wall nanotube-based industrial predispersed concentrate


  • NDT & Monitoring
    R-TECH Services Ltd.(UK)Acoustic emission system for the assessment of hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles
  • Process
    Textile For Life Co., Ltd.(South Korea)Industry 4.0 robotic braiding factory