Symposium powered by EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES

Augsburg - Germany, July 19-20, 2017

The major events in Germany for the Composites Industry


JEC Group presents 2 upcoming events that will be held in Augsburg, Germany:

  • SYMPOSIUM 2017

    Powered by EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES, SYMPOSIUM 17 takes place every odd year in Augsburg. 
    This symposium aims at bringing content on the latest innovation and opportunities in composite materials.
    A 5 years old established convention with high quality content gathering renowned speakers involved the Composite Industry.


    September 18–20, 2018
    The new born event launched since 2016 by JEC Group, Messe Augsburg and CCeV for Composites and Innovative materials.
    A unique show concept in a strong industrial region.
    Every 2 years, EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES will offer to the Industry a new opportunity to grow their business.

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