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Keynote speech

Tuesday June 20 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Open to all visitors

JEC Group proudly announces that Professor and Architect Mark Goulthorpe, of the MIT Department of Architecture, will serve as the guest keynote speaker for the Future of Composites in Construction on Tuesday June 20 at 3:30pm.

The use of composite materials to their full potential in the building and construction fields remains a challenge that needs to be addressed by the industry. The Future of Composites in Construction event provides a unique opportunity to instigate a discussion between the decision makers of the major raw material suppliers and key players among architects and building companies.
Mark Goulthorpe’s vision makes him the perfect choice to support this endeavor and actively take part in substantially expanding and generalizing the use of composite materials in the building and infrastructure fields.


Mark Goulthorpe, Professor, MIT Department of Architecture
On Ice, Fire and Carbon, and the Case for a Lightweight Ontology 
by Professor Mark Goulthorpe, MIT Department of Architecture




Mark Goulthorpe is an Associate Professor at the MIT Department of Architecture, teaching in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs, and undergoing research in digital design and fabrication. He is currently Head of the new Design Stream in the SMArchS program. Current research centers on robotic fabrication and a variety of composite fabrication methodologies, as well as a new iteration of the dynamically reconfigurable HypoSurface. In particular, the Zero+ housing targets a ubiquitous new building technology that looks to bring a radical new methodology into second world markets where global housing needs are extremely pressing.  

Mark is also a practicing architect, acting as creative and technical director of 3 groups of networked inter-disciplinary teams: dECOi Architects, HypoSurface, and Zero+. Current projects include a fully cnc-milled wooden office interior, One Main (Cambridge) evidencing a radical carbon-negative manufacturing potential (with designer, Raphael Crespin); a new electromagnetic HypoSurface commission for the National Museum of Energy in Spain (NME) establishing real-time physical interactivity of architectural surfaces (with digital artist, Marc Downie and digital composer, Paul Steenhuisen); the Paramorph carbon-fiber penthouse as an extension to a towertop adjacent to Tate Modern (London) with parametric modeling by Kaustuv de Biswas, PhD; and a research initiative with IDC (Singapore) for Zero+ thermoplastic housing (with composites engineer, Mark Bishop, CAD/CAM by Stelios Dritsas at IDC, FEA by Sawako Kaijima at IDC, environmental design by Vasco Portugal, PhD, and LCA by Prof Mike Lepech at Stanford). Each project probes new modes of materializing architecture via digital technologies, pressing to innovating design, fabrication and material logics to attain new formal sophistication and technical efficiencies.