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JEC Composites Magazine is the point of contact of the international Composites Community, 6 times a year, with topics covering scientific information, business, technology, manufacturing and application sectors trends.

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JEC Composites Market News

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Read the latest composite materials industry news.

BPA The newsletters offer a complete weekly coverage of composites news in every sector of the composites industry.

JEC Composites Market News:

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JEC Composites Publications

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JEC Group proposes a wide range of publications that allow the professionals of the composites industries to learn about the trends and forecasts and about the key players from all the application markets. Discover and buy our new publications and our best sellers on our e-store.

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JEC Composites Conferences

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JEC Group, during its events offer a wide range of technical and business conferences, to develop your composites knowledge and offer you business opportunities.

Technical Conferences

JEC Composites Technical Conference programs offer presentations from the leaders of the industry, covering current challenges and trends in a wide variety of subjects.

Consisting of sessions delving into cutting-edge topics, with an end-user focus, the Technical conferences allow industrials and academics to showcase their know-how and talk about the latest technological innovations to a highly qualified international audience.

Speakers are provided a unique opportunity to come in contact with leaders from the whole composites value chain, and experts from all the major industries: Automotive, Aeronautics, Construction, Transportation, Marine, Oil & Gas, etc.

Each session features up to 5-6 presentations, interspersed with networking opportunities during which audience and speakers can interact freely and make key contacts. JEC technical conference programs aim to educate and provide the latest information, trends and experience feedbacks.

Participants have the possibility to improve their knowledge and seize the consequent networking opportunities to further their business. These programs are made in conjunction with JEC events: JEC World, JEC Korea, JEC Forum Chicago, and JEC Forum Bangkok events.

Meet and share with companies which attend JEC Events:

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Business Conferences

View from the top

View from the Top is an exclusive program allowing leading CEOs from the industry to share their vision about the future of Composites, their contribution to a better world for next generations, as a dialog with one of their major clients using composites in its sector.

Country on Stage

The Country on Stage format is a unique opportunity for countries to highlight their specificities and excellence in the field of Composites. This event features lightening keynote presentations, insightful discussions with key local players and representative business cases, outlining the most important aspects of each country’s composites sector. The underlying idea is for participants to get the maximum out of every Country on Stage session by making contacts with key players that will enrich their future business and help to expand the network that is the global Composites industry.

Session By

The Session By Program is an exclusive series of conferences delivered by leading Composites industry companies, presenting their latest innovations together with their clients, and answering the opportunities and challenges the industry faces.

Industry Programs

The Industry Programs consist of industry presentations and Q&A discussion involving major OEMs & Tier1s from all over the world. It covers the challenges & opportunities of using composites materials in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Sports & Health fields. The Industry Programs are exciting sessions that bring together top decision-makers and provide end-users with the latest information, trends and experience on composite materials.

Composite Tours

The Composite Tours consist of several formats depending on the event/feasibility but offer either a guided tour of the show floor with a selection of exhibitors and a tour of the Innovation Planet dedicated to the targeted sector, or they involve the visit of the most remarkable composite companies and entities, off site, with commentary from the company itself. 

Keynote Sessions

Whether they are leaders of our industry or from the End-User industries, successful entrepreneurs or even high-level sportsmen, the keynote speakers aim to inspire by their visions and prospects and offer from their expertise during these unique sessions.

JEC Composites Web TV

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Discover a new source of inspiration about composite materials 

JEC Composites Web TV is a platform where hundreds of videos have been spotted by JEC Group’s experts to present materials, processes, applications, business cases… All the content reflecting the innovative and customizable solutions of the composites industry.  

On the JEC Composites Web TV, you can also find pedagogic videos to better understand the composites benefits and discover JEC Group events, programs, webinars, and podcasts.

Discover the Web TV

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JEC Composites Webinars is a series of on-demand digital conferences of 30 to 60 minutes developed by JEC Group with partners. Each session presents innovative and cost-effective solutions for the Composites Industry, through tangible business case studies and insightful presentations. The sessions will provide complete analysis of many experts and leaders of the Composites Industry in the form of webinars, covering topics including materials, equipment, processes and technologies important to success in today’s composites business. The webinars can also address dedicated applicative markets and provide the participants with the latest trends and innovations, new materials and new ways of manufacturing these materials.

For attendees

A free opportunity to discover new solutions, potential providers! These webinars are free, to participate, just register and save your webinar to your calendar.

For partners

A unique opportunity to get access to new leads! JEC Composites Webinars provide companies an effective and interactive online conference discussing Materials & processes for Composites manufacturing Showcase your company’s latest developments & innovations and get access to new leads!


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Past Webinars


On November 09, 2021 @ 4pm (CET)
About: Innovative Recycled PET Particle Foam for Waste-Free 3D Moulding

Armacell’s innovative range of the world’s first particle foam based on 100% recycled PET offers solutions for waste-free moulding of complex 3D shapes.

ArmaPET Shape combines the outstanding mechanical properties of a structural foam core with the advantages of particle foam to create lightweight, strong, recyclable and highly temperature-stable parts of nearly any shape. The portfolio upgrade makes it possible to mould at lower temperatures and to include inserts and metal parts directly in the moulding phase.

The webinar will not only introduce the product, but also suggest potential applications, possible moulding processes, and after-use recycling of the moulded parts.


Johns Manville

On October 07, 2021 @ 4pm (CET)
About: Johns Manville Neomera Organosheets – Breaking Barriers to Adoption: An Intermodal Roof Application Reengineered with Agesia

Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, recently launched a new Advanced Composites Brand, Neomera, with the first products being thermoplastic organosheets.

Neomera Organosheets are produced in a continuous process through the impregnation of various reinforcements with low viscosity caprolactam monomer, followed by the in situ anionic polymerization of caprolactam to form the thermoplastic polyamide 6 matrix.

Agesia, a De Roeve Industries company, develops production technology and thermoplastic products to construct light, strong and recyclable transportation equipment. Using JM Neomera organosheets, Agesia is able to offer innovative yet affordable thermoplastic solutions in applications where steel and thermoset products fail.

Agesia panels consist of a PET core sandwiched between two JM Neomera Organosheets. The continuous production process allows the panels to be formed to shape as well as structural. The panels are suitable for applications in transportation, aerospace, automotive and marine.

The webinar will bring to life the solutions Agesia has developed and designed for the intermodal container industry and are based around Agesia’s new thermoplastic structural lightweight sandwich panels. The solution reduces the weight of container roofs by 75% and allows the product to perform with deformation under vacuum release.

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Molecular Plasma Group

On June 22, 2021 @ 16:00 am (CEST)
About: MolecularGRIPTM: a Major Leap Forward in Solvent-free Surface Functionalization for Adhesive Bonding

MPG will present its MolecularGRIPTM range of solutions which are based on its proprietary Molecular Plasma Technology.

MolecularGRIPTM addresses many of the challenges of the composite industry such as adhesive bonding of dissimilar and inert materials (Polyolefins, fluorinated polymers, etc…) and sensitive materials (Cellulose, Biopolymers, etc…) as well as EHS concerns related to solvent-based primers. Additionally, surface functionalization with MolecularGRIPTM is permanent which enables storage of pre-treated parts for many weeks.

In this webinar, we will discover all the advantages of MolecularGRIPTM:

  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easily scalable, solvent-free process that operates at room temperature
  • On ANY material
  • 100 % inspection & traceability of the treatment
  • No EHS concerns
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On May 28, 2021 @ 10:00 am (CEST)
About: The Production of Composite Parts Becomes Even More Competitive

Are you looking to be even more competitive in your production of composite parts thanks to 3D Printing and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining of equipment?

This webinar will introduce CMS Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) solution, CMS Kreator, a new hybrid system for high-speed 3D printing and machining of thermoplastic composite parts.

CMS is a world-leading company specialized in the production of numerically controlled multi-axis machining centers, thermoforming machines and waterjet cutting systems.

In this webinar, you will learn more on:

  • How Composites is a young and fast developing industry
  • How CMS Kreator can help you be more competitive by using less materials and fasten your production speed
  • The advantages and challenges of CMS Kreator


Watch the replay



On May 11, 2021 @ 10:00 am (CEST)
About: Transformation of Performance Composites into Mass Production

Learn new ways to produce thermoplastic composite components!

This webinar will introduce Progano®, a Lightweight Composite highly developed through the combination of continuous glass fibers and polypropylene.
This innovative material is used by automotive and other component manufacturers to increase strength, decrease weight and reduce production costs.

Discover how Progano’s Lightweight Composite is:

  • Lighter: Progano components weigh up to 30% less and can be created using less material
  • Stronger: Progano is at least 50% stronger than aluminium alloys of similar proportion
  • Faster: Reduced manufacturing cycle times and cost through direct integration of functional elements into the single shot fabrication process
  • Sustainable: Progano is completely recyclable for environmental sustainability and proven to be reusable in high level materials

In this webinar you will get insights about this new composite, the industrial scale production and examples of its applications:

  • High efficiency composite
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Technology advantage in the industrial UD-tape and Progano-sheet production
  • Quality control: Inline inspection and glass fiber roving lab
  • Modular capacity extension from 2.000 to 16.000 tons
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On April 22, 2021 @ 3:00 pm (CEST)
About: Automotive composites made possible with Huntsman’s polyurethane and epoxy innovations

Are you looking for ways to optimize the production of complex composite parts for your automotive applications? Are weight, safety and performance important to your composite part production?

We invite you to hear from Huntsman’s Automotive and Composite experts who will share how their latest polyurethane and epoxy resins help meet the technical challenges faced by car manufacturers in the following specific automotive applications:

  • Battery housing – How to achieve up to a 40% saving in weight with designs that meet major safety, mechanical and thermal requirements
  • Interior structure – How to extend design possibilities, boost productivity, reduce weight and retain mechanical integrity with composite spray molding
  • Pressure vessels – How to realize highly demanding hydrogen tank designs with optimized resin systems supported by custom simulations for faster, cost effective mass production

Huntsman Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and specialty chemicals that you use every day. With over 60 years’ experience developing composite resin technologies, Huntsman experts collaborate with automotive players to design products that enable lighter, more-fuel efficient vehicles while maintaining the high quality standards of passenger safety and comfort.

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On March 30, 2021 @ 10:00 am (CEST)
About: Polymer and Ceramic Matrix Composite for Innovative Applications

Nowadays, resistance to high temperatures, excellent thermal isolation and low-smoke emissions are the most demanded properties for flame retardant Polymer-Matrix Composites (PMCs). The webinar will introduce you Nano-Tech and Petroceramics, the proprietors of C-Preg® 400, a cutting edge, easy-to-use, non-toxic prepreg combining both very good thermal stability (up to 400°C) and excellent flame retardant properties. Nano-Tech is a young company aiming at developing, producing and commercializing innovative nano-based materials (prepregs, epoxy resins, thermoplastics). Petroceramic is a dynamic company with a key position in the development of advanced materials (including ceramic matrix composites) and technological solutions for different sectors, especially automotive, aerospace and defence. A quick overview of applications and solutions will be presented, with a special focus on C-Preg® 400. In this webinar, you will learn more on:

  • How C-Preg® 400 is a great alternative to Cyanate ester (CE), Bismaleimide (BMI) and Polyimide
  • How to work with C-Preg® 400
  • What the Applications and Possibilities are
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Elkem Silicones

On December 1, 2020 @ 4:30 pm (Paris time)
About: The Secret to Lowering Production Cost in Composite Molding

JEC Group & Elkem Silicones will host an exclusive webinar dedicated to composite molders on how to lower their production costs by improving process efficiency using silicones reusable vacuum bags. The presentation will introduce you to the process of infusion molding with silicone RVBs, its main advantages compared to traditional composite molding methods, as well as giving you some customer data highlighting its impact on the overall process efficiency & cumulative serial production costs. In this webinar, you will learn with Lisbeth LANGSAGER, Global Market Manager for Advanced Molding & Printing and Mario PEREIRA MALDONADO, R&D Analyst for Advanced Molding & Printing @Elkem Silicones how to:

  • Standardize your molding processes
  • Increase your overall productivity
  • Reduce the required man hour for your molding operations
  • Switch from classical infusion molding to reusable vacuum bag
  • Set your team up for success with the right material, equipment and know how
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On November 19, 2020 @ 4:30 pm (Paris time)
About: Composite Structural Parts into Mass Production for Automotive Applications

Based on a Lightweight Crashbox and Bumper Beam case study, this webinar will cover 3 topics around Valeo “Organosheet” composite material:

  • PROCESS: How Valeo succeeded in developing composite structural parts for mass production.
  • PROPERTIES: How the material’s properties fit energy absorption requested for crash, despite more and more stringent specifications, while offering significant weight reduction.
  • METHODOLOGY: An overview of Valeo composite & crash simulation methodologies whose reliability and predictability accelerate time-to-market of our applications.

Valeo composite experts, Sergio Da Costa Pito and Ali Kezmane will be then available for a Q&A session.

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On October 6, 2020 @ 4:00 pm (Paris time)
About: Thermoplastic Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Technology – Meeting the Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability Targets

Managing Director @ ThermHex Waben GmbH “ThermHex and EconCore organized their first webinar on October 6th, 2020. As many trade fairs are cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, we too have to find new ways of making contact. The webinar was a complete success! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the JEC Group and all employees involved for organising the event. A big thank you also goes to all participants who brought the webinar to life with their questions. The content and the interaction of the speakers made it an entertaining event. Now we are very much looking forward to the following discussions with you.”

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On September 15, 2020 @ 4:30 pm (CEST)
About: How ICME enables digital transformation in composite manufacturing

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