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Carbon Fibre

3 Feb 2016

The future of carbon fibre looks bright. All traditional sectors using carbon fibre consume more and more of this extraordinary fibre. Aeronautic, of course, is pursuing its conversion from black metal to "real" composite with a better design. The wind energy and the longer blades integrate more and more of carbon fibre. Automotive should have one of the fastest growth in carbon fibre consumption in the near future. The iconic BMWi3 and i8 are just the beginning. BMW for example incorporate carbon fibre more largely in its 7 Series. And many other sectors take advantage of the extraordinary properties of carbon fibres. To meet the growth in demand a lot of investments will be needed. Some players have already shown their will to do so. Here are few recent examples of the fascinating carbon fibre market.

Automotive & Road Transportation
Defence, Security & Ballistics
Electrical, Electronics & Appliances
Industrial Equipment
Infrastructure & Civil Engineering
Medical & Prosthetics
Oil & Gas
Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure
Renewable Energy
Sports, Leisure & Recreation