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Machining & Automation

1 Apr 2020

Automation is a very broad field which has many elements ranging from hardware, software and overall integration of process steps. It is a key point for the developement of composites manufacturing, and a way to ensure lower cost and better consistency of the quality of the products.

Benefits of automation include:

  • Lower cost: highter productivity, reduced materials scrap/waste, faster material throughput, less testing & inspection
  • Quality consistency: reduction of human variation, exact placement, improved tolerances
  • Manufacturing flexibility: programmable production, fast change, minimising set-up time
  • Speed to market: programmable production
  • Highter productivity from limited ressources/assets: maximise use of floor space and use of equipment capacity
  • Improved safety: minimise risk of accidents
  • Improved quality of work for employees: elimination of heavy physical work or health endangering work

Here are few of the latest developments in this field.