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11th World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition

Germany, Bonn

The 11th World Wind Energy Conference, held in World Conference Center Bonn (the former German parliament) on 3 - 5 July, will gather the most important players from the renewable energy branch and leading politicians from all over the world under the main topic “Community power – citizens’ power”.


With problems of acceptance of Wind and Solar parks all over the world the renewables branches are facing tough challenges of local project realization. WWEC 2012 will be this year’s focus point of all topics that gather around civic participation on renewables projects and attract approx. 1.000 international delegates from renewables business and politics.


The trade fair will take place right in the lobby of World Conference Center Bonn, the 3-5 July 2012, where all important players of the wind industry as well as other renewable branches that participate in the conference will attend and meet during the conference.


WWEC2012 will profile the special topic of "Community Power – Citizens' Power", referring to the development and ownership of renewable energy projects by local citizens and communities including farmers and landowners, cooperatives, municipalities, local and regional utilities, as well as other partners.


The WWEC2012 has already obtained overwhelming support from all over the world: 200 abstracts from 40 countries have been submitted for presentation at the event and many important organizations have granted their support.


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