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The 13th Euro-Japanese Symposium on Composite Materials

France, Nantes

The main theme of this symposium will be "Multimaterials design and characterization for lightweight structures including composite parts" which will be held at Technocampus EMC2, Nantes, France from November, 4th to 6th, 2013.

Recently, weight reductions in many industrial sectors as transportation have been paid much attention from the environmentally-friendly point of view. Application of polymer-matrix composites as structural parts is expected to be one of the key-technologies. However, there are many technical issues which have to be solved for their implementation. If many of them are linked to the choice and the manufacturing of the materials themselves, a more accurate problem is linked to their use as parts of assemblies. A single type material for a given structure is rarely realistic according to the principal stress and the different function of the structure. Moreover in parallel to the demand of a wider application of composites, arises sooner or later the question of their assembly with other materials.

 This challenge will be discussed during this Euro-Japanese Symposium
  The symposium will be single session type over two days including
4 keynote lectures and about 30 oral presentations

The following topics will be treate:

  •  Adhesive bonding of metals and composites
  •  Adhesive bonding of polymers and composites
  •  Riveting, screwing, bolting of composites with polymers or metals
  •  Hybrid bonding including composites
  •  Welding of polymers, composites and metals
  •  Overmolding of polymers on composites or metal structures 

For each topic the following sub-topics will be analyze:

  •  Non destructive inspection techniques for assemblies including composites
  •  Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  •  Experimental Methods
  •  Experimental analysis of bonded joints at a laboratory scale
  •  Advanced Numerical Techniques
  •  Modelling and Characterization
  •  Multi-scale analysis and modelling of bonded joints
  •  Finite element for numerical analysis of interface in assemblies
  •  Conception and design of composite structures including assemblies
  •  From micromechanics scale approach to design control
  •  Optimization techniques and methods with material uncertainties
  •  Probabilistic modelling and reliability of assembly zones
  •  Failure criteria for adhesive joints and hybrid assemblies
  •  Design and application of composite structures
  •  Durability, long term behaviour, fatigue
  •  Damage mechanisms, delamination and fracture in assemblies
  •  Damage tolerance concept and analysis