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34th International Risø Symposium on Materials Science

Denmark, Roskilde, Denmark

Processing of fibre composites – challenges for maximum materials performance

The challenge of the present state of fibre composite processing is to bring the various materials science disciplines together to promote technological development. High‐level scientific knowledge of the physical and chemical mechanisms taking place during processing of fibre composites is available, including detailed knowledge on the behaviour of the constituent materials, but in many cases this knowledge is not integrated and brought to practice.

The symposium will focus on the links between fundamental science and more practically oriented developments of processing techniques, in order to further our understanding of relationships between processing conditions and engineering properties of the final composites. At present, the effect of changed process conditions is typically only assessed in a qualitative way due to insufficient knowledge on the underlying mechanisms. Altogether, the aim of the symposium is to explore the scientific basis for development and optimization of processing of fibre composite approaching maximum materials performance.

The symposium is addressing studies of composite materials with a polymer matrix and with fibres from nanoscale to microscale, from short to long, and processed by a variety of techniques. Among the specific topics of the symposium are:

• Polymer flow behavior, rheology
• Fibre assembly permeability
• Cure kinetics
• Fibre assembly compaction behavior
• Fibre preforms (e.g. fibre misalignment, drapability)
• Fibre surface treatment, and sizing
• Fibre/matrix compatibility, interface
• New fibres and matrices (e.g. bio‐based, hybrid, nano)
• Process development (monitoring, automation)
• Up‐scaling and mould design
• Process selection and optimization
• Residual stresses and strains (shape distortion, cracks)
• Volumetric composition (fibre content and porosity)
• Properties (mechanical, thermal, optical, and others)


This event take place on 2-5 September in Roskilde, Denmark.