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3rd Annual China Commercial Aircraft Summit


3rd Annual China Commercial Aircraft Summit_flag
China, Shanghai


The 3rd Annual China Commercial Aircraft Summit will be held in InterContinental Hotel . Shanghai. China in March 24th-26th, 2011.

China is the world's most dynamic market for commercial airplanes, forcasted to require for 3,770 new commercial airplanes valued at $490 billion over the next 20 years.

China has also become the largest aircraft manufacturer in Asia. According to a report released by Frost & Sullivan, the center of aircraft manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific area is rapidly shifting to China and the country earned $13.1 billion from the industry in 2009, surpassing Japan, to become the No.1 manufacturer in Asia.

Aircraft manufacturers are rushing into China to cut costs in a short term, and secure future growth in a long term. China Commercial Aircraft Summit has become an unparalied platform for Chinese and international aerospace manufacturers to gain first-hand informations of aerospace development plans & strategies of China and schedule meetings with each other.


Source : Oppland Aero