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4th International Carbon Composites Conference

France, Arcachon

The Aquitaine Region is known for its support to advanced technologies and the special effort which is devoted to the promotion of composites materials to all actors of the sector.

The actors of the “Composite World” of Aquitaine Region are also major partners of Aerospace Valley, a world-class high technology cluster in Space and Aeronautics gathering the strengths of Aquitaine and Midi Pyrenees regions.

The conference will bring together scientists, designers, manufacturers and end users from the academic, institutional and industrial “Carbon Fibre Composite World”. This is a unique opportunity to meet together all players in the use of carbon fiber composite materials. This is a place for many formal and informal opportunities for exchanges, networking and cross-fertilization.

You will meet at a time scientists presenting their latest achievements as well as large industrial players and start-up companies proposing very brand new applications and services.

Speeches and plenary lectures will be organized in order to bring you the latest overview on carbon composites for cold and hot high demanding applications, latest trends on future of carbon fibers market including environmental issues, on bio-sourced composite materials.

This event will take place from 12th to 14th May 2014 in Arcachon, near Bordeaux, France.