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4th international polymeric composites symposium, exhibition and brokerage event

Turkey, Izmir

The aim of the IPC 2015 symposium is to share scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of polymeric composite materials production, usage and development in the national and international platforms, as well as to identify and solve the challenges encountered in transforming science to practice.

Inasmuch as the subject matter is in its field of interest, The Chamber of Chemical Engineers (CCE), has incorporated to run the Polymeric Composite Materials Symposium and the consequent exhibitions, workshops and brokerage activities as a part of the mission, with the participation of industry and scientific communities,  by the coordination of the Aegean Branch Office.

Introduced into the market in the 20th century, and growing in importance both in Turkey and all around the world, polymeric composites are technological materials used widely in daily life as well as across a vast spectrum of industries, and will continue to shape the future. CCE Aegean Branch Office has been very much aware of the increasing importance of these materials, and aims to bring the scientific and technical networking platform together since 2006 fully onto the international stage.

The present position of the Polymeric Composites Industry in our country and in the world with its safe, aesthetic, economical, high added-value, and eco-friendly products, as well as suggestions for its future and sustainability.

Target audience and parties
Universities, Research and Public Institutions, Municipalities, Trade Associations, Manufacturers, Engineers and Technicians, and all other parties interested in the subject.

The event will take place on 7-9 May 2015, at Izmir, Turkey.