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5th Innovative Composite Materials Application Summit

China, Shanghai

Reinforced Plastics in Ships, Yachts and Sports & Leisure Products

It is reported that the current annual production of  composite materials in the world has exceeded 550 million tons; the annual turnover is more than $ 130 billion. Today the world’s composite market emphasis on high-tech development to the civil, "conversion" has become a popular trend and fashion. The application of composite materials in the sports and leisure goods is 37% and in industrial applications is 45%, which is more than the application in aerospace, which is (18%). The civilian market is a huge market of composite applications; the average annual growth rate of sports goods and recreational equipment will remain at around 3% from 2007 to 2014. Practice has proved that a lot of sports goods have greatly improved its performance after the switch to the manufacture of composite materials. Application of fiber reinforced composite material to sports goods is a major trend of the 21st century sports equipment.

This conference will focus mainly on the latest production processes and the innovative application of fiber reinforced composite materials in ships, yachts and sports & leisure goods. Composite sporting goods will become a 21st century sports equipment mainstream in tune with the modern trend.


What are the benefecits?

  1. Get to know the latest applications of composite materials in the civil industry.
  2. Be updated on the most recent innovations of technology, international policies affecting composite materials, and solutions.
  3. Case-studies of new types of composite materials for ships & yachts structure.
  4. Share experiences and ideas face-to-face with 300+ delegates who are the most successful players in the industry, and also obtain tips from professionals and industry experts from other countries.
  5. Generate qualified leads by leveraging the unique B2B platform to meet key buyers and sellers; maximize services available to promote your business.6. Networking with policy makers & influential business leaders during a professional, well managed event.

The event will take place the 22-23 November 2012 in Shanghai Pudong Renaissance, China.